Learn step-by-step processes which spell SUCCESS for our students.  From technical skills in advanced haircutting, styling and hair coloration to refining your business practices and planning for your future, our experienced team of professionals lead the way. 

The result? A well-rounded, technically prepared and confident hair professional.     

The mentoring program guides every new hairstylist to set goals and to find the perfect job and your path to success in the Beauty Industry.

Training: Mondays 8:00 am

6 Sessions: 1 hour each

Class price $150.00


Hair Cutting

Base Level using 0° taught at Academy

Level 1 - Hair Technical Center 

Introduction to The Comb - Our patented tool is the most precise cutting instrument available today. 

Base Level using 0° - Learn four foundational haircuts. 

This is the most popular class we teach at beauty academies.  It introduces students to our tool and precise cutting methods.  Taught on-site at the academy by our experienced educators using our manual, students begin to build skills and confidence as they prepare to pass the state board exam.

Class Price: Six Sessions once per week, plus Comb Kit 

$250.00 per student

Students completing our Academy training course and recent graduates and  experienced Hairstylists will experience.

Students will take the first steps to achieve Master Stylist certification and take their skills and understanding of haircutting to a new level.   We apply Science , Technology , Visual mathematics and introduce hair diagramming as part of the design process.

Level 1 is “The best haircutting program in the world.”

Our Master Educators have acquired their knowledge by completing our Five Levels of training and have been working in the industry for decades in some cases. 

To be the best, you have to learn from the best!

Training: Sundays and Mondays 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

7 Sessions, every week: 4 hours each

Class price: $1,300 for the HAIRSTYLIST

Class price: $750.00 Beauty School Students

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Arthur Margain

Hair Color Class level 1-2

Top Master Hair color educator Arthur Margain present Level 1 Hair Color class (Hair Color Fundaments)

Two Half days $350 color kit and doll head included Sunday or Monday according to schedule

level 2 Advance Balayage , Foilayage and more new color techniques

One full day class . price $350 color kit and doll head included