These classes are available and are targeted to teach advanced techniques such as precision cutting, correct body posture, correct arm and hand angles, cutting techniques and vision.

specialty PROGRAMS


This is a program to give you the tools to be successful in life and the beauty profession.

You will have the tools to develop and keep a full clientele. It consists of a 1-11/2 hour class over a 4 week period. It focuses on topics that give you the information and support to feel comfortable with people no matter what the persons position is in life. From corporate executives to bank tellers, with self respect as your core center, you will feel empowered to provide your clients an atmosphere that they will want to come back to you time after time. It involves understanding people and seeing them as individuals that makes you a highly sought after person in our profession.

Educator: George Jimmy Miller

Price: $250.00 Per person for a 4 week program.

Days: Sundays and Mondays.